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A little about the area

San Mateo is a relatively large suburban community found in the central western portion of the Golden State, California. San Mateo has a population of approximately ninety two thousand five hundred residents, and is a rather upscale community even amongst the Bay Area. San Mateo is, not surprisingly, located in the eponymous San Mateo County, and is found on the San Francisco Bay Area. San Mateo is currently governed by Mayor Brandt Groette and City Manager Susan Loftus. San Mateo covers a total area of approximately sixteen square miles, including about three and two thirds square miles of standing surface water. San Mateo has a population density of approximately seven thousand six hundred residents per square mile, and is bordered by Belmont, Burlingame, and Foster City.

San Mateo was originally inhabited by the Laurel Native Americans, who were initially evangelized by Mission Dolores in the late eighteenth century. San Mateo was first inhabited by non-Native Americans during the nineteenth century by former residents of San Francisco proper. One notable early residence was the Howard Estate, constructed in 1859, as well as the Parrott Estate, built a year later. Residents of San Mateo real estate enjoy a relatively mild climate, with generally rare snowstorms and an overall Mediterranean climate. San Mateo has a relatively high median income, although not as upscale as some neighboring communities.

Some places of interest in and around San Mateo include the San Mateo Performing Arts Center, the College of San Mateo, the San Mateo Arboretum, and the Century 12 Cinema. Educational opportunities in San Mateo include those offered by the College of San Mateo, San Mateo High School, Aragon High School, Hillsdale High School, Junipero Serra High School, and three public libraries. Other notable sites in San Mateo include Coyote Point Museum, the Peninsula Humane Society, and Coyote Hills Regional Park. San Mateo is also located within close proximity of a number of prestigious colleges and universities in the greater Bay Area. Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy some attractions in San Mateo, including the San Mateo Municipal Golf Course and others in the general region.