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A little about the area

Redwood City is a relatively large suburban community located in the greater Bay Area in the Golden State. Redwood City is situated in the general area of San Francisco, California, in the midst of San Mateo County. Redwood City serves as the county seat of San Mateo County, and is physically located on the San Francisco Peninsula. Redwood City has a population of approximately seventy nine thousand residents, and has a density of slightly less than four thousand residents per square mile. Redwood City covers a total area of approximately thirty four and a half square miles, including just over fifteen square miles of permanent surface water. Redwood City is currently governed by Mayor Rosanne Foust, and has a motto of "Climate Best by Government Test."

Redwood City, along with the rest of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, enjoys a relatively mild climate, meaning that it rarely snows and the median temperature generally hovers around the fifties. Redwood City is a relatively diverse community, which is a typical characteristic of cities on the San Francisco Peninsula. Redwood City has a rather complex income situation, resulting in a disconnect between income levels and poverty levels. This is caused by high costs of living cancelling out what would elsewhere be high income levels. The median income of a household in Redwood City is about seventy one thousand dollars, while the average income level for a family is about eighty one thousand dollars.

Redwood City is known for an Independence Day parade held by the Peninsula Celebration Association for the last seventy straight years. This parade is advertised as the "Largest Independence Day Parade in California," as well as possibly in North America and West of the Mississippi, although there isn't much of a record to verify that claim. Redwood City recently completed a twenty screen theater complex in the year two thousand six, as well as accompanying parking, stores, and restaurants. The educational needs of Redwood City are met primarily by the Redwood City School District, which encompasses a number of institutions, including the Henry Ford School, the Clifford School, North Star Academy, Orion Alternative School, and Adelante Spanish Immersion School.