Hillsborough real estate homes for sale

A little about the area

Hillsborough is a relatively small but extremely expensive and upscale community situated in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. Hillsborough is literally one of the most expensive communities in not only the Golden State, but also in the entire United States. Hillsborough has a population of approximately ten thousand eight hundred residents, and covers an area of about six and a fifth square miles. Hillsborough is located in San Mateo County, and is found in the central western portion of the Golden State. Hillsborough is found within approximately twenty miles of the center of San Francisco, making it a suburban community. Hillsborough is home to thousands of extremely expensive estates, and enforces strict minimums of a half acre of lot size, as well as other restrictions designed to preserve the prestigious atmosphere.

Hillsborough real estate is ranked as the absolute most expensive in the entire United States, with an average home price hitting almost four million dollars. All the lots in Hillsborough are houses, since property restrictions prevent the construction of any apartments, condominiums, or townhouses. Hillsborough was officially incorporated as a separate community in the year nineteen ten, although it was originally settled around the middle of the nineteenth century. The land on which Hillsborough was constructed was first purchased by William Davis Merry Howard in the year eighteen forty six. Hillsborough is a generally hilly community, and also features the San Mateo Creek and Cherry Creek.

Hillsborough is somewhat diverse, although the high levels of median household income somewhat restrict levels of heterogeneity. Hillsborough is ranked as one of the best places to live by Money Magazine, as well as one of the richest towns in America. Educational opportunities in Hillsborough are offered by a variety of public and private institutions. These schools include the Nueva School, West Elementary School, Crocker Middle School, South Elementary School, North Elementary School, The Bridge School, Crystal Springs Uplands School, and a wide variety of nearby colleges and universities in the greater Bay Area. Notable landmarks in Hillsborough include Skyfarm, Uplands, Western White House, and Carolands, all of which are notable mansions.