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A Little About The Area

Belmont is a medium sized community found in the San Francisco metropolitan area, also known as the Bay Area of the Golden State. Belmont has a population of approximately twenty five thousand one hundred residents, although that figure might have changed substantially since the last official census was taken in the year two thousand. Belmont is spread out over approximately four and a half square miles, although there are no large bodies of standing surface water in the region. Belmont is situated in San Mateo County, which boasts a number of similar residential suburban communities. Belmont has a population of approximately five thousand six hundred residents per square mile, and is situated between San Carlos and San Mateo. Belmont is a relatively heterogeneous community, although compared to the rest of the Bay Area it is somewhat less diverse than average.

Belmont real estate is extremely prestigious, a product of the high median income, which is about a hundred thousand for an individual and about a hundred and twenty thousand for a household. Belmont is also ranked as one of the best places to live in America by Forbes Magazine, specifically as number eleven on the list of twenty five locations. One notable resident of Belmont is Amaechi Igwe, a defensive soccer player for the New England Revolution. Belmont's home county, San Mateo County, is one of the most affluent in the United States, and has a population of approximately seven hundred and twelve thousand residents.

There are a number of parks in the general area of Belmont, including Coyote Point Recreational Area, Crystal Springs, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, San Mateo County Memorial Park, Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, Sanchez Adobe, San Pedro Valley County Park, and San Mateo County Memorial Park. Notable beaches in the region include Half Moon Bay State Beach, Pescadero State Park, San Gregorio State Beach, and Montara State Beach. Educational opportunities in Belmont are offered by Notre Dame High School, Central School, and Fox Elementary School, among others. Notable institutions include Nesbit School, Central School, Carlmont High School, and Notre Dame de Namur University.